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8 Replies to “ Antoine Beuger - Cantor Quartets (CD) ”

  1. Squidco sells CDs, DVDs, Vinyl LPs and magazines of unusual music in the fields of improvisation, compositional music, experimental, chamber rock, and Rock In Opposition.
  2. Antoine Beuger, Cantor Quartets (Another Timbre ) Andrea Centazzo, Doctor Faustus (Ictus, ) Malcolm Goldstein, A Sounding of Sources (New World, ) Sven-Ake Johansson, Sven-Ake Johansson Mit Dem NMUI Im SO 36 '79 (FMP, ) Franz Koglmann, The Use of Memory (hat ART, ) Steve Lacy, Itinerary (hat ART, ) Joe McPhee, Topology.
  3. Apr 26,  · extract from Antoine Beuger's 'Ockeghem Octets' (), played by Ryoko Akama (melodica), Seamus Cater (concertina), Kate Halsall (harmonium), Sarah Hughes (e-bow zither), Ecka Mordecai (cello.
  4. Jul 14,  · Antoine Beuger has spoken of the effect on the music of moving from a duo to a trio to a quartet etc. That effect is plain to hear when comparing the quartet, octet and twelve-piece group on the available Another Timbre discs.
  5. Antoine Beuger Edition Wandelweiser Edition Wandelweiser (label) Out Sound (CD, LP) Classical (CD, LP) We realize that there are many different interpretations of the standard grades used for pre-owned vinyl record albums & CD, so we thought we'd offer you the ones that we are working with, so you have an idea what we mean when we give the.
  6. Unlike on those other recent releases, Beuger himself does not play on Cantor Quartets, no great loss as the music here is produced by a first-rate quartet of players with extensive experience of Wandelweiser—in fact, all four had key roles on the epic six-CD set Wandelweiser Und So Weiter (Another Timbre, ), which is now reprinted and available again.
  7. Sep 17,  · Antoine Beuger: Cantor Quartets [at62x2] Antoine Beuger’s Cantor Quartets, a composition consisting of fifteen pages, would seem to concern themselves with the three fundamental musical elements pitch, duration and density. The work’s structure is fairly transparent: Four musicians play from a score in which individual pages contain four lines of seven notes each; each note—of.
  8. Info b, UK Exhibitions / solo Anti-mass | PuntWG | Amsterdam Demo | Cass Sculpture Foundation One Dozen and Zero Units | South London Missing: Antoine Beuger.

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