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  1. Suria Darwisito, a lecturer from the Fisheries and Oceanology Faculty of Sam Ratulangi University in the province’s capital of Manado, said that the orca calf’s appearance was a unique phenomenon, as it was the first time for the species to be beached in North Sulawesi.
  2. Beached things (BTs) are entities whose souls are stranded in the world of the living following the events of the Death Stranding. BTs are considered extremely dangerous and are almost invariably hostile toward living things. Because the bodies of BTs contain antimatter, if they consume a living thing, a voidout will be triggered, causing a massive explosion capable of destroying entire cities.
  3. BEACHED. get undone. enjoy no-fuss beauty with our range of natural, multi-purpose and effortless products.
  4. Your perfect getaway awaits you at Beaches all-inclusive resorts in Turks & Caicos and Jamaica. Play on pristine, white–sand beaches caressed by crystal-clear seas. Spend your family vacation in luxurious rooms and suites. Enjoy a whole array of incredibly exciting and fun activities for kids of every age.
  5. beached meaning: 1. A beached whale, dolphin, etc. has swum onto a beach and cannot get back into the water. 2. A. Learn more.
  6. "Beached" is the twelfth episode of The Little Mermaid TV series, originally aired on November 21, Before a family trip to the Carnival of Tides on the tide, Ariel and Arista get into a fight and are'beached' (grounded); two gators attempt to steal the royal treasure. Ariel and Arista not only learn more about each other and have an adventure together, but they also learn to work Directed by: Jamie Mitchell.
  7. Mar 10,  · Hunt Dates: July 3 - July 31 Application Deadline: June 15 Application Site: Google Forms Type: Grid Wide Hunt Region Rating: General/Moderate/Adult Stops: 82 Price of Gifts: L$1 Hunt Object: A Beach Pail Hunt Theme: Summer/Beach/Patriotic Hunt Information: The Beached Bunny has gotten himself into a real mess. His fat behind is wedged in the sand.

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